Australia-based JetBlack has announced the latest version of their WhisperDrive direct-drive trainers, named WhisperDrive Smart. This is JetBlack’s first electronic smart trainer (the original WhisperDrive provided magnetic resistance through manual control.)

Trainer specs include everything we’ve come to expect in a direct-drive smart trainer, including dual ANT+/Bluetooth wireless connectivity and compatibility with a broad range axles and cassettes. Additionally, the WhisperDrive smart boasts some strong features including:

  • Impressive resistance of up to 1600 watts at a 12% incline
  • A real 6.5kg/17.5lb internal flywheel for a realistic road feel
  • Whisper-quiet performance (see noise test video below)

Look Mom, No Cord!

One standout feature of this trainer is that it is power cord free. That’s right–you generate the power! (Only the Tacx Neo offers similar capabilities for direct-drive trainers, although it seems to operate more smoothly while plugged in.) The trainer also includes a USB smart charge port, so you can keep your phone or tablet charged as you ride.

If you ride the trainer without connecting it to a control source such as Zwift or another app, it reverts to “progressive power mode” and behaves like JetBlack’s standard fluid trainer.

The trainer does not ship with a cassette. Industry sources say it is set to retail for a very attractive AU$1,100, while international pricing is to be confirmed.