I’m sharing this post to pass along an ingenius idea from Zwifter Greg Leo, who you can find at his Twitch channel. Enjoy!

Hello everyone. I wanted to take the opportunity of my first post here to announce a project I’m working on.

Virtual virtual cycling [VVC] is a game for PC and console. You control a character of your choice through a beautifully crafted virtual world where virtual bike racing is “becoming kind of popular.” Maybe you will be “C. Dabney [80kg]” a marketing manager and recreational cyclist from Hampstead who has just recently discovered virtual bike racing.

In VVC your choices really matter. What trainer will you choose? Who will you accuse of cheating? What will you eat from the fridge?

How you play is up to you. Will you guide our hero through the perils of choosing a category and learning about trainer difficulty settings or use his spare time at work to dream up better ways to organize categories in virtual races?

Most importantly, you will race–virtually virtually. In virtual virtual race mode you control your character from an innovative second-order third-person view. You watch him watch “himself” race virtually and carefully control his efforts through every predictable attack and sprint he encounters. Ready to use a powerup? Move his hand to the space bar and get ready for virtual virtual glory!

VVC is now in closed beta. But we will be opening soon. Thanks to our unique partnership with Zwift we already have hundreds of VVC players controlling hundreds of virtual players in the game of Zwift!

Our top-ranked player in our virtual virtual standings, Tom Cartwrong has already reached level 100 with his character “Kim Little [X]”! Who will be the next virtual virtual cyclist to reach this milestone?