Cycligent proposes virtual cycling rules for racing

Cycligent, the good folks behind the Cycligent Virtual Rankings and the CVR World Cup Series have proposed a draft set of rules to govern virtual racing. The document also proposes a governing body to “provide structure, consistency and fairness in bicycling competitions online.” It goes on to say:

While this proposal is made by Cycligent, the Governing Body should represent the broader community, not a single entity. Cycligent looks to fund, initiate, and maintain the Governing Body. The Governing Body will be initiated by inviting leaders of the community to be full voting members. The initial Governing Body shall revise the proposed rules, publish them for comments, and then finalize and publish The Initial Virtual Cycling Rules for Racing (The Rules).

Some in the Zwift community feel this detailed list of race rules is overkill (“It’s just a game,” they say). But I applaud Frank Garcia, head of Cycligent, for having the vision to put such a document together. As I’ve stated many times in the past, virtual racing is quite real, and as such, needs real rules. (In fact, I dislike the use of “IRL” (in real life) to designate outdoor rides, because I think indoor rides are quite real. The pain is real, the efforts are real, the emotions are real, the racing is real.)

And while virtual bike racing is still in its infancy, there will come a day in the not-too-distant future when a complete set of rules is needed in order for virtual racing to continue to grow. That set of rules will probably look a lot like what Cycligent is proposing.

Much like outdoor bike racing today, there will always be a place for simpler, “unsanctioned” virtual races: events with few or no prizes, few spectators, and limited rules. But as the scale and stakes of the race grow, rules must also be solidified.

Curious what Cycligent is proposing? See the current draft here >

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