The Secret Zwift User Manual

Since Zwift’s early days it has been a standard to direct new Zwifters to read the unofficial manual for Zwift from James Gill aka TitaniumGeek over at And while you should definitely still do that, Zwift now has a very good user guide on their support website. This is the what, where, and how for the official Zwift user guide.

The What

Zwift has a whole knowledge base at its support site, broken down into different sections:

  • Getting Started
  • Zwift Rider’s Guide
  • Zwift Runner’s Guide
  • Technical Issues
  • FAQs
  • Known Issues

You can probably guess the content from the titles…

The Where

Where is simple: Go to and open the Knowledge Base.

The How

User guides

You can just browse around for interesting bits but also read Getting Started, Zwift Rider’s Guide, and Zwift Runner’s Guide as complete user guides.

Open the section, e.g. Zwift Rider’s Guide, and you will be presented with a list of the chapters/articles in the guide:

Zwift Rider’s Guide is actually so long that its table of contents span multiple pages.

Troubleshooting Guides and FAQ

If you are troubleshooting your Zwift setup there can be good bits of information in Technical Issues and Known Issues.

FAQs is just that – a collection of frequently asked questions about Zwift.

Subscribe to changes

Look for the orange Follow button and use that to subscribe to e-mails when something changes:

  • Subscribe on the table of contents page for any section and get an e-mail when a new chapter/article is added by Zwift
  • Subscribe on an article page and get an e-mail when it is updated

The most important article

There is one page in particular I recommend all Zwifters to follow: The Known Issues section.

You should definitely be aware of the Known Issues: Master Post and subscribe to changes to it.

So there you have it–an introduction to Zwift’s online user manual. Enjoy!

Jesper Rosenlund Nielsen
Jesper Rosenlund Nielsen
Jesper lives in Vejle, Denmark and has been zwifting since 2015. He rides with World Social Riders whenever possible and also runs ZwiftHacks, the home of ZwiftMap, ZwiftPref, and other tools and hacks for Zwift riders. Find him on Strava


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jannatul fardous
3 years ago

Really wow that THE SECRET ZWIFT USER MANUAL.I like it.I am from

Bruce McHaney
Bruce McHaney
3 years ago

Can I search all the riders during a specific day/time for a specific rider?

3 years ago

Ok so exactly where is the icon list meanings?

2 years ago
Reply to  Roy

I am also wondering

Natalie Manning
Natalie Manning
2 years ago

Good morning, I’ve just completed stage 6 on the tour de zwift and had an email confirming it but I got kicked out of zwift before it saved and now cannot go back in. Is there any way this can be sorted out?

Sharon Keeping
Sharon Keeping
2 years ago

I sure hope this manual can help me find the problem. Both Wahoo sensors are connected, but rider will not move off start.

Jarl Pettersson
Jarl Pettersson
2 years ago
Reply to  Sharon Keeping

I had to udate my PC

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