This isn’t an exciting post about Zwift, but it’s worth mentioning since it affects the Zwift Insider site in a big way.

Around two weeks ago, we moved to an improved commenting system for Zwift Insider posts.

For the nerds who want to know: our old system used Jetpack, which was an improvement over WordPress’ rather weak built-in system. But it was still far from ideal, with the most annoying problem being that visitors would attempt to reply to a particular comment, but end up commenting on the main post.

Our new system uses wpDiscuz, and we’re pretty stoked on its features and functionality. Some of the upgrades wpDiscuz delivers are:

  • AJAX-enabled commenting, so the page isn’t refreshed each time you comment
  • Improved interface for more intuitive commenting
  • Faster load times
  • No more comment count bug, where the newest comment was often not shown on the page (that was a fun one!)
  • Voting: give comments a thumbs up or down to show your approval
  • Easy comment moderating on the front end (nice for us admins)
  • User and comment tagging: use @user or #comment-id to reference a particular person or comment in your comment. They will be notified via email of your comment.
  • Emoticons: need a smilie? We’ve got smilies.

We’ve already seen an uptick in user comments since the rollout, and have received only positive feedback from visitors. This is a big win in our book, because it’s the community’s comments that really make our posts come to life. And it’s your feedback and questions that help us choose which posts to write next!

So thanks, everyone, for joining in the discussion. Write on!