Zwift has just announced a 3-stage, 3-day event series featuring the Innsbruck course. Here are all the details…


The tour begins February 21st and ends February 23rd. 3 stages, 3 days. Short and sweet!

See event dates and sign up at >

There will be no make-up days.

Ride Categories

Each stage event includes three ride categories to select from when signing up: A, B, and C. A is the longer ride, B is the shorter ride, and C is the same course as B, but for women only.

  • Group A: 122.3km (76 miles) with 2839m (9315′) of elevation
  • Groups B and C: 85km (52.9 miles) with 1951m (6401′) of elevation

These events are officially group rides, not races. But there will certainly be many riders who treat the event as a race, so do whatever you’d like – take it easy, or go hard. It’s all good!

Stage Details

  • Stage 1: Lutscher route. A group rides 2 times up the KOM while B/C ride just 1.
    A Distance: 24.2km (15 miles)
    B/C Distance: 10.8km (6.7 miles)
    A Elevation Gain: 824m (2703′)
    B/C Elevation Gain: 427m (1400′)
  • Stage 2: 2018 UCI Worlds Course Short Lap route. A group rides 2 laps while B/C ride 1 lap.
    Distance (per lap): 23.6km (14.7 miles)
    Elevation Gain (per lap): 487m (1598′)
  • Stage 3: Innsbruck KOM After Party route, 1 lap for all categories.
    Distance: 37.2km (23.1 miles)
    Elevation Gain: 640m (2100′)

Kit Unlock

Complete any stage of the tour and unlock the Tour of Innsbruck kit. (This is the same kit which was awarded in the 2018 ToI.)