A Great Way To Train For MTB…It’s Zwift

Chances are that loyal Zwiftinsider readers know pretty well what Zwift is all about. And yet we recommend this well-produced vlog that might remind us of how we got to Watopia.

VirtuGO: a viable Zwift competitor?

At the Tour Down Under, DC Rainmaker explored the look and feel of VirtuGO’s beta version. We’re curious about your opinion on this. What’s in it that Zwift should learn from?

Analysis: CVR Zwift race vs CVR Zwift workout

How exactly does your fitness benefit from racing on Zwift? Hunter Allen delves deep into coach David Sellars’ Leomo Type-R data from two different event formats in Zwift. This one is really for the data geeks.

Zwift Fitness the ideal group for noobs

Zwift Fitness was recently featured in the Zwiftcast. If you missed it, take your chance and re-watch Simon’s interview with the Zwift Fitness founder Pete Donohue, and then get out there and join a Zwift Fitness ride yourself.

How many hours should I train?

According to Simon Russel from the KISS Racing Team, your time spent with Zwift ultimately depends on you. And also not. If you found yourself struggling with this very dilemma, Simon’s vlog has the right food-for-thought for you today.