Zwift with a Rocking Horse

We have runners on Zwift. We have rowers. It was about time that someone brought horseback riding to Watopia. This should be a product. Ride on!

Zwiftalizer Walkthrough

Here at Zwift Insider, we love how the community adds to our Zwift experience. The Zwiftalizer tool is one of the greatest examples of this. It’s a lot of numbers, but how exactly do you interpret all the details? This video is a tutorial by Mike Hanney himself: he’s the brain behind the Zwiftalizer.

Zwift Row

Rowing on Zwift has the obvious advantage of a much more meditative sound atmosphere. It’s also yet another way to travel Watopia. Not convinced yet? Have a look, and also go and check out this post.

Zwift for Beginners:

We recently featured on Zwiftinsider. Here coach Rory Duckworth (Zwift Insider contributor and coach at the Salt Lake Triathlon Club) gives you a rundown of how to use it for creating your own workouts.

Zwift with Xert Player for iOS and the Remote Player

Xert entered the training scene with a big promise of improving on the much-used-much-hated FTP metric. Did you know that you can seamlessly integrate Xert and Zwift? This is a quick how-to.