Zwift London vs the Real London

London just got a fresh expansion, so Michelle might need to get out there again, but big kudos to her work of showing us how the real London looks like. What do you prefer?

How to Run with Zwift Tutorial

Last week, Bradley Stevens explained his multisports setup for triathletes. This time, he provides us with an elegant tutorial to set up Zwift for runners.

Zwift Community Chat w/ Zwift Insider

Okay, this one is a bit of self-promotion, but here’s your chance to listen to the mastermind of Zwift Insider, Eric Schlange. Pair that with Nathan Guerra’s hosting skills and enjoy this during your next workout.

Zwift for Beginners: #1 Mistakes Newbies Make

Spoiler: don’t forget to connect your smart trainer both as power source and as controllable trainer. The Salt Lake Triathlon Club explains you what not to overlook.

What is Zwift Anyway?

We mostly look at Zwift from a training perspective. What would Zwift be without the gaming background of its developers? This one is a great explanation of Zwift for gamers.