Zwift Menus/Screens Explained (for Beginners)

We have lots of Zwift tutorials and how-tos on Zwift Insider, and we also regularly share content that’s made for beginners. Since the early days, Zwift has added lots of features, so the menus can seem quite complex to the new user. Here’s a video walking you through the Zwift game interface.

Swift Zwift Tip: “JWB” Watopia Bridge Plaque // Zwift Community Legend

Have you spotted the small plaque on the Watopia sprint bridge? Here’s a little Zwifting history about how the bridge was named. Read more about JWB here >

Elite Nero Rollers Detailed & Demoed | New Smart Indoor Training Tech

Elite’s Direto and Drivo trainers have an established position on Zwift. Generally, Zwift is a lot about wheel-on and direct-drive trainers, but there are few roller options available. Elite has one smart roller option… here’s a demo video of the Elite Nero.

Magene GRAVAT2 Smart Trainer: Details // Unboxing // Ride Review

It might be a bit tough to get a hand on the Magene trainer if you’re outside of China. That said, it’s a legitimate trainer that’s well worth a look. Is there innovation here which may be adopted by the big names? Or is it a good budget option to consider despite low accessibility?

The Cycling Esports Show: Keira Vs Ollie Up The Epic KOM!

The Cycling Esports show covers the British Zwift Championships once more, but we share it for an exciting battle between the presenters. Who is fastest up the Epic KOM? And is it a victory of legs or smarts?