Olympic Cyclist vs $28 Aldi Bike Trainer

What exactly is the cheapest Zwift setup? Bicycling Magazine came out to challenge for a race to the bottom. A trainer for $28, anyone? How good can it be?

The Cycling Esports Show: How Hard Is Zwift Racing For The Pros?!

With the Cycling Esports show, Cycling Pulse offers you a weekly round-up of all things going on in virtual bike racing. For the moment, that’s Zwift and the KISS Super League. Cycling Pulse’s strength: Zooming in on individual riders.

How Cameron Jeffers won the British Cycling Zwift eRacing National Championships

Cycling Hub has fast established high-quality Zwift content. Here they present a sort of coming-of-age documentary about Cameron Jeffers, who recently won the Zwift UK National Championships.

How To Use Zwift Running | A Beginners Guide

Beginners are still joining Zwift in great numbers, so we want to share quality content on how to start out with Zwift. It’s also a great video for all Zwift cyclists, since running can be a great addition to your bike training.

How the Zwift British Champs went down | Part 1

Ed Laverack analyses the British Zwift Championships. He was live on site as it happened. This video is actually the first of a series, so make sure to check all of them out.