Alpe, Dew, Pizza

Ken Nowell challenged himself to summit Alpe du Zwift in under an hour while eating a large Domino’s pizza and drinking only Mountain Dew. Several riders joined his event, but many more just tuned in to the live stream see what would happen. Here’s the full ride!

Zwift FTP RAMP Test vs TrainerRoad RAMP Test

Zwift’s new ramp test to measure your FTP has caused quite some debate. On my side, I’ve seen it popping up frequently in my Strava feed now. It differs from the Trainerroad protocol. Does it also lead to different outcomes?

Budget Zwift Setup Vs Premium | What Is The Difference?

Once in a while, GCN comes out with great content that actually does answer some interesting question. This video is among them. Many on Zwift are still riding simple turbo trainers. We often call them “dumb”. That doesn’t mean they are useless. GCN tries to show how big the change in your riding experience really is when you upgrade to more advanced gear.

Pro Cyclist wins Hardest Race on Zwift

This could set up a discussion: How hard is Zwift racing compared to crit racing in the real world? Chris Pritchard from CyclingHub asked this question to his friend Jon Mould as the latter raced the KISS Super League.

MGF Extra Credit Finish – Throwing up after a race

This video definitely has lively content. Zwift racing can be truly exhausting. Has it happened to you?