Women’s KISS Super League – Round 1

Here’s the official Zwift broadcast of the first race of the women’s pro series. It was an exciting race!

Remote Fan Hack – Perfect for Zwift races

Just yesterday I forgot again to turn on the fan before I jumped on the bike and entered Zwift. This neat trick actually is as simple as genius. Finally, I see sense in smart home concepts! Shop for Smart Plugs on Amazon >

Mancave Maintenance, CycleOps Hammer Noise Remedy

If your CycleOps is making noises, you might be able to fix it easily. The DIRT Zwift Team guides you through some simple maintenance of the Hammer trainer. A small change in the trainer’s internals and all sound issues are gone for good.

The Problem with Zwift Workouts and Training Plans

How good exactly are Zwift training plans for real? Dylan Johnson, working for Carmichael Training Systems, is maybe not fully impartial… still, I take a lot from his remarks and now understand training plan logic much better. Very helpful if you want to know which Zwift training sessions are actually useful.

Are Zwift Workouts and Training Plans Worth It?

Chris Pritchard’s training plan experiment definitely rocks the timing, considering the other video on training plan quality we feature in this week. Chris never trained with a plan and has picked a Zwift training plan. This is just the first episode of various plans that he wants to review. Take it as a small sample study to validate what really is the value of Zwift’s training plans.