Zwift Headquarters Office Tour

How would you imagine Zwift HQ looks? Personally, I’d place it in the middle of Watopia, so there must be a volcano somewhere. Triathlon Taren, one of the regulars in this series, had the privilege to figure it out from the inside.

How To Zwift on a Spin Bike | Advantages & Disadvantages

Before Zwift, many of you were training on spinning bikes in your local gym. Maybe you miss this. But then your spinning kilometers don’t count for your Zwift miles. Or can they?

Zwift v Sufferfest v TrainerRoad (2019)

Brian Davis wasn’t the biggest fan of Zwift when it launched, so he kept using also Trainerroad and Sufferfest. He has followed their evolution also over time. This makes his comparison of all three platforms interesting.

My open letter to Zwift… 

In typical Vlog style, it’s about this and that before Cameron addresses that never-ending discussion on weight doping. Now that Zwift is turning ever more serious at the top end, can they continue to take an agnostic approach to weight doping?

Cheap Zwift Climbing Hack

The Wahoo Kickr Climb is rather expensive… or you ride another brand’s trainer that isn’t compatible. Be happy: you can still get yourself a climbing setup. Which seems obvious afterwards…