KISS Super League – Round 1

Here it is, the first race of the KISS Super League. All the big teams of professional riders have found their way into our virtual cycling habitat to mess with each other. Who had the legs to win?

Patrick Christopher Races KISS Super League

One of the participants of the KISS Super League race last week was Patrick Christopher of the Zwift Academy All-Stars. Watch Cameron Jeffers and other friends cheer on Patrick in his first KSL race. (His race effort begins around 5 minutes into the video.)

Casey Schumm Races KISS Super League

Casey is a member of the Zwift Community All-Stars team, and his stream from the first race is fascinating. Listen to him chat with teammates as they take on the pros!

Cycling As An Esport: What’s It All About?

The KISS Super League is now underway. It’s the first ever pro cycling esports competition and all the action takes place on Zwift. But how does it work and is it the future of cycling?

KISS Super League – Round 1 Review

We can show you all the professional and curated opinions on the KISS Super League (and we do). However, the community has its opinion as well. Tom Whalley watched the first round from the perspective of the most normal Zwift cyclist you can imagine: you. Here’s his take on it.