Alpe du Zwift Race Breakdown (from The Vegan Cyclist)

The Vegan Cyclist was the perfect opponent for Cameron Jeffers. In this video, he gives a recap on his experiences. As he goes quite in detail, he brings back the tension of the race itself.

Alpe du Zwift Race Breakdown (from Cameron Jeffers)

Cameron Jeffers got his living room hot. Did he get to win the race? Here’s how the race looked from his side of the cable.

Pro Alpe du Zwift Race Breakdown from Ed Laverack

Ed Laverack wasn’t formally part of the showdown between Cameron Jeffers and the Vegan Cyclist, yet he participated in the event and also carefully analyzed how it played out. As a pro rider, his view of the battle is quite interesting.

Alpe du Zwift Race Power Analysis

In fact, the Cam Jeffers vs. The Vegan Cyclist race garnered perhaps the biggest crowd of Zwift race participants ever: well above 1,000. We do not want to overlook the amazing performance of all those who joined. The Charlie, Carbs, and Cycling channel puts the spotlight on the actual race-winning efforts.

Q&A 2019: Indoor Riding vs Outdoor // Zwift Alternatives

And in case you don’t care about that big Zwift race that we heavily feature this week… how about this entertaining Q&A with the man behind the Smart Bike Trainers channel?