This Week’s Top 5 Zwift Videos

100 climbs author Simon Warren takes on the Alpe du Zwift

100 climbs is the bible for cyclists who want to explore the high mountains. Simon Warren has ridden all of them. How entertaining is Alpe du Zwift for someone who knows the real one in and out?

Are Cycling Rollers Crazy Hard?! | Elite Arion Digital Smart B + Roller Review

The alternative to Zwifting with a standard trainer is to use use rollers instead. It’s certainly a unique challenge! Elite produces a smart roller that works great with Zwift. But how’s the device itself?

CABLE Now Supports FE-C to FTMS – How Does This Impact Your Smart Trainer?

Cable is a device that converts ANT+ signals to Bluetooth. It can now also re-broadcast commands to control your trainer to adjust resistance on slopes and keep it steady in ERG mode.

Zwift Online Resources for Runners

We frequently recommend Zwift’s online resources to you. But maybe you never got around to take a look at them! Here’s a guided tour through the main online resources related to Zwift – focused on runners.

CVR world cup post season “controversy”

An interesting glitch occured at CVR’s post season semi finals. One rider was routed on a different track. And you thought that happened only in the real world… glitch or feature?

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