Interview With Zwift CEO & Co-Founder Eric Min

Cycling Porn interviewed Eric Min during the EU Kiss Crit finale in London. Check out the perspective of Zwift HQ on community driven race efforts.

Introducing the 2018 Specialized Zwift Academy Tri Team

Zwift Academy is back, and this time it’s for triathletes. Meet the members of the Specialized Zwift Academy Tri Team.

Custom phone holder for Garmin mount for Zwift, TrainerRoad etc

Zwift’s mobile phone app is finally a useful compendium to your Zwift experience. Here’s how to create a custom mount for your phone without adding additional clutter to your handle-bar?

Zwift FTP Test ERG Mode On or Not

ERG mode often seems a bit confusing for many Zwifters. Should you make use of it in workouts? Is it used for FTP tests? How should you use it during an FTP test? This video has the answers.

Keiser M3i vs Peloton: The Ultimate Comparison.

We’re usually talking about smart and not so smart trainers for your bike. But there’s an alternative: you could buy a full stationary bike and mount power meter pedals. In this video, Studio Cycles puts two popular stationary bikes head-to-head.