KISS Crit Series Finals – Europe

Last weekend top European Zwifters mixed it up live and in-person for the Zwift Crit Series EU final. The racing was quite animated thanks to a sprint points competition and elimination laps. Watch to see who was crowned king and queen of Zwift EU!

Alpe du Zwift Climb Times – Road Bike vs TT Bike

What’s your fastest way to climb Alpe du Zwift? Out on the road, it would be a road bike, but does this advantage hold up in Zwift?

Zwift Runner Profile | Tara Langdon

We love to learn more about our fellow Zwifters. Tara Langdon is an ultra-endurance runner, and her next record to chase is the highest ever mileage in 24 hours on a treadmill. Stephen Cousins got an interview with her.

Budget Zwift Setup vs Dream Zwift Setup

More Zwift setup stuff. But how exactly does a cheap setup distinguish itself from an expensive setup? Maybe it helps to see them both next to each other.

My Zwift Indoor Training Setup – All The Essential Kit I Reckon You Need

David Arthur has featured with us before. His Zwift setup includes a nice selection of beer bottles, and he gives it a distinct spring vibe.