Top 10 reasons why Zwift isn´t perfect (yet)

We’ve had a lot of fun on Zwift this season. There are some issues with the software nonetheless. Ronald Kuba takes a look at the ones he sees. Do you agree?

Rocker Plate Technique

Rocker plates were one of the big stories of the 2018 Zwift season. However, some folks ride them incorrectly! Follow this walk-through and rocking Zwift should be more much natural for you.

Zwift Workout Creator

SickBiker has shot a very easy-to-follow tutorial video on how to use Zwift’s inbuilt workout creater. If you’re not served well with the existing workouts, just use your creativity or your training notes from other sources.

How to Connect Your Computrainer to Zwift

Computrainer and Zwift combined? It works. Todd Malcolm guides you step by step through the process.

JetBlack WhisperDrive Smart Trainer Review

It’s a bid odd that a new trainer’s release date is the end of the indoor training season in the Northern hemisphere. Still, JetBlack’s trainer was highly anticipated by many. Shane Miller had a look at it.