Zwift Companion App for IOS & Android Devices

Shane Miller profiles the newly updated Zwift Companion app… a remote control for your Zwift session, with new workout features.

Zwift vs Real Life: Leith Hill Challenge

CyclingPorn recently compared Zwift’s Box Hill to the actual Box Hill. Now they are back with a look at Leigh Hill, Zwift’s major addition to the London route of this winter.

Can a Vegan win a Zwift race?

Stephan Leuendorff sounds a bit like Erik Zabel and has been one of the strongest contenders in this season’s CVR World Cup. He was competing against Arvils V, who is competing for the vegan team. Who would win? (Here is Stephan’s followup video).

Why I Don’t Use Zwift

Arguable one of the most confrontational figures in cycling, the Durianrider never holds back with his opinions. And as often, it might not be fully clear what his opinion really is. But with his reach and knowledge, his thoughts are worth listening to.

CyclingTips 4DP Power Test

As the indoor season slowly comes to an end, you might be interested in measuring how your power has changed. To that end, maybe you want to try something other than just the usual FTP test? Let CyclingTips guide you through a 4DP power test with Sufferfest. When will we see this on Zwift?