Real Life Racing Meets Zwift

Might be one of the most creative videos we have ever seen. Many thanks to for this wonderful idea. Just think for a second… what would the Tour de France look like on Zwift?

Zwift Racing: Dutch National Championships

We featured the British Zwift Nationals last week, now here is one from the Dutch Zwift Nationals. It also takes you into a very Dutch hipster pain cave!

Pain Cave Hacks: Make Your Workout More Enjoyable

Another one for beginners. explains some basics of a good and carefree Zwift setup. How many of you follow tip #6?

Zwifters at Kona – Meet Lucy Charles

Lucy is a loyal Zwifter and in 2017 got 2nd at Ironman Kona and Ironman Germany. She’s a strong rider who recently finished first at the Zwift UK National Championships (but did not win in the final results due to not being registered with ZwiftPower.)

Zwift Kicked My Ass! FTP and Endurance Training

For many of us, Zwift might have become somewhat of a routine this winter. Yet it’s a long and cold winter, and new people are still joining Zwift for the first time. Do you remember how that was for you?