ZWIFT VS REAL LIFE: Box Hill Challenge

In January, we featured a video that took you to real life London. But London in Zwift includes more than the city. This one is for anyone who wondered how realistic your Box Hill performances actually are. Hint: the result might surprise you.

Get to know Zwift Academy winner, Ollie Jones

Some time passed already since the Zwift Academy ended. Ollie Jones will be riding for Dimension Data’s U23 squad this season. How is he doing right now?

Rocker Plates Make Zwift More Realistic

We’ve already had a few videos and posts on rocker plates. There’s one more. David Arthur has a great talent for explaining things simple. Worth it.

Zwift vs. FulGaz – the battle for indoor training platforms

I personally love that Zwift’s virtual avatars are a bit comic like. It adds to it being its own thing. Others might occasionally want to ride in a more real scenery. Brian Davis helps us to understand how FulGaz could add to your Zwift training on Richmond days.

Swift Zwift Tip: Reset Personal Best Power Numbers

I recently had a ride in which my trainer’s power meter was overreading due to low batteries. That messed up my personal bests in Zwift. I can’t tell you how thankful I am for Shane Miller’s handy tip of how to reset them.