While we would never wear headphones riding outdoors, Zwifters can enjoy tunes or podcasts while we suffer. In fact, apart from getting your smart trainer and display sorted a quality audio setup is arguably the most important part of a truly delightful Zwift experience.

And it’s not just about the quality of what you hear: with more rides using Discord for voice chat a quality microphone is also essential.

In reality, just about any set of Bluetooth earbuds will “do the job.” But in our opinion, it’s worth investing a bit more to boost sound quality, longevity, and ease of use. Here are the top three wireless Bluetooth earbud solutions we recommend.

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Key Considerations

  1. Battery life/speed of charging: regular use will require weekly charging, so make sure it’s fast and easy. 
  2. Durability: these will be sweated in and tossed around your pain cave a bit. 
  3. Fit: ears are unique. If you can’t test first, buy a set with fit options.
  4. Sound quality: here you generally get what you pay for.
  5. Microphone quality: important for Discord and phone use.

Jaybird X3

Quality earbuds that won’t break the bank. Also the longest battery life of our top three selections. These are the headphones I most often recommend to Zwifters due to their high price/performance ratio.

Pro tip: if you want earbuds for swimming, check out the Jaybird X4’s which cost more but come with IPX7-rated water resistance (down to 1 meter for 30 minutes) and improved sound quality.

Bose has always been a premium sound solution: never cheap, but always top-notch in terms of build and sound quality. These are truly wireless (no cord between the earbuds) and you can buy them in Zwifty orange!

Pro tip: if you want Bose quality with a cord between the earbuds and a bit more battery life, save $20 and buy the standard Bose SoundSports.

Apple AirPods

Like everything Apple, AirPods come at a premium price for a premium experience. Sound and microphone quality get consistently high reviews. The one downside? You aren’t able to customize the fit unless you purchase an accessory kit.

Pro tip: AirPods work on Android phones too.