Tiny Race Series – July 29 Routes and Last Week’s Results

Lots of close races last week… so many podium spots were decided by just 5-10 points (a difference of just one finishing position, if you’re finishing in the top 10). The Tiny Races are as competitive as ever!

This week we’re staying in Watopia for all four races. But first, let’s look at last week’s winners…

Last Week’s Results

Overall Winners

Zone 1 (9am UTC)

A: Jun Kamotora (TMR)
B: Jonas Bach (DZR)
C: Melanie Dobbins (Velos)
D: Stephen Russell (ZSUNR)

Zone 2 (3pm UTC)

A: Richard Barry (NeXT pb Enshored)
B: Daniel Larson (OTR)
C: Keith H (Velos)
D: Dave Sullivan

Zone 3 (9pm UTC)

A: Gökhan Özbay
B: Akihiro Shinki (Valhalla)
C: Chris Bannister (NZBRO)
D: Ed Weadon (HERD)

Women’s Winners

Zone 1 (9am UTC)

A: Josie Rawes (BL13)
B: Charlotte Colclough (Toyota CRYO RDT)
C: Melanie Dobbins (Velos)
D: Charli Sterry (electricspirit.co)

Zone 2 (3pm UTC)

A: Louise Gamst (BL13)
B: Gökçe Paul (S4W)
C: Jesse Whitaker (REVO)
D: Zelia Mersinger (NZBRO)

Zone 3 (9pm UTC)

A: –
C: Amy Touzell
D: Stephanie Sponagle

New Rule Reminder: HRM + Power Meter Required

Last week we started enforcing hardware requirements when joining the pens. This helps eliminate bots and zPower rangers affecting some of the A races.

A power meter or smart trainer/smart bike is required to be paired as your power source, and a paired heart rate monitor is also required to enter the pens. If you are on a “classic” trainer (using a speed sensor) or don’t have a heart rate monitor paired you will not be able to enter the start pens.

This Week’s Routes: Watopia Wildness

We’re on a sightseeing tour of Watopia this week, with all four routes taking us to different parts of our favorite virtual cycling paradise.

  • Race 1: Hilly Route Reverse (5.6km, ends atop first kicker of Hilly KOM Reverse)
    This twisty route will take riders through the Esses, over the reverse sprint and the cobbles of the Italian Villas, then over the rollers that follow. Catch a quick breath if you can, because it ends just up the road a few hundred meters after the start of the Hilly KQOM Reverse!
    • Powerup: Feather (2x)
  • Race 2: Beach Island Loop (6.166km, ends at JWB Sprint)
    This will be a wild finish! Everything will kick off when we hit the Dirty Sorpressa snaking up to the Italian Villas. But wait – you’ve got some cobbled road following the Sorpressa, plus the JWB Sprint! Where do you use your powerup? Where do you attack?
    • Powerup: Steamroller (1x)
  • Race 3: Downtown Titans (6.804km, ends atop Titans Grove KOM Reverse)
    We’ll start in downtown but work our way up to Titans Grove, riding the uphill rollercoaster through the redwood tree and waving hello to Jarvis before attacking the Titans Grove KOM Reverse. This is the biggest climb on the day.
    • Powerup: none
  • Race 4: Jungle Circuit Reverse (6.289km, ends at Jungle Arch)
    A bit of fun to wrap up our set of 4, this mostly downhill race covers just the lead-in of the Jungle Circuit Reverse route, which includes the rope bridge. Gravel bikes advised!
    • Powerup: none

Sign up at zwift.com/events/tag/tinyraces

Pack Dynamics 4.1

All Tiny Races are currently using Zwift’s experimental Pack Dynamics 4.1.

Read more about PD4.1 on this forum thread, and chime in there after your races to share your experience and help Zwift improve their pack dynamics!

ZwiftPower Results

Zwift displays preliminary race results in game when you cross the line, but points are computed after all four races are finished, with final results on ZwiftPower. (We have to do some data processing on our side to compute results, so if your rankings don’t show up right away, be patient.)

Riders will earn points based on finish position in each of the 4 Tiny Races. The category winner of each week’s series is the rider with the most points across their timezone’s 4 races. Here are the links for each timezone’s results on ZwiftPower:


Tiny Race rules are simple, but still every week 6-8% of registered ZwiftPower racers get disqualified and removed from the final results. Don’t let that be you! Four races, four rules:

  • You must have a ZwiftPower account, because final results are processed by ZwiftPower (learn how to sign up)
  • No skipping then returning. These races are meant to be raced as a set of 4. If you need to leave early, that’s fine… but once you miss a race in your hour’s set of 4, don’t come back and race another or you’ll be disqualified from that race since you rested while others were racing! (Example: racing only races 1 and 2 is fine. Racing 1, 2, and 4 is not – you will be DQ from race 4. And if you race 2, 3, and 4, you’ll be DQ from all those races, since you skipped race 1!)
  • Heart rate monitors are required.
  • Smart trainer/smart bike or power meter required. ZPower/Virtual power is not allowed.

Join a Chat & Chill Cooldown

Immediately following each hour’s racing, we’ve scheduled 30-minute “Chat & Chill” events where riders from all categories can spin their legs together and chat about how it all went down. Find them at zwift.com/events/tag/tinyraces.

Zwift Insider Kit Unlock

Finish any Tiny Race or a Chat & Chill ride and unlock the Zwift Insider “Ride Smarter // Ride Harder” in-game kit.

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T Nitty
T Nitty(@itistyson)
3 months ago

That turnaround from race 3 to 4 was extremely tight for C’s. I’m guessing a lot of racers missed the last race. I’m surprised I had time for a bike change. Probably should have ended at the base of the KOM.

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