The 4 fastest bikes in Zwift, and how to get them

The 4 fastest bikes in Zwift, and how to get them

UPDATE: the Tron bike has been modified since this post was written, making it the fastest bike in game.

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Yes, the bike you choose in Zwift affects your speed. Your wheelset affects your speed even more! Our test lap data gives us a very solid idea of which bikes and wheels are fastest.

The TT bike consistently turns in the fastest lap times, but it cannot draft and is not allowed for some races. The next four fastest bikes, though, are within 10 seconds of each other over a full lap on the Watopia Figure 8 route.

While the 3 fastest bikes are high-level unlocks which take months of work to achieve, the Zwift Aero can be unlocked with just a few weeks of riding. This is a good thing, because it wouldn’t be very sporting to give more experienced Zwifters a significant advantage over newcomers!

Here’s the list:

cervelo-s5#1: Cervelo S5

Watopia Figure 8 Lap: 50:58

Richmond Lap: 29:06

How to get it: hit level 25 and purchase in the Drop Shop


trek-madone#2: Trek Madone

Watopia Figure 8 Lap: 51:05

Richmond Lap: 29:09

How to get it: hit level 20 and purchase in the Drop Shop


canyon-aeroad#3: Canyon Aeroad

Watopia Figure 8 Lap: 51:06

Richmond Lap: 29:10

How to get it: hit level 23 and purchase in the Drop Shop


zwift-aero#4: Zwift Aero

Watopia Figure 8 Lap: 51:08

Richmond Lap: 29:12

How to get it: hit level 6 and purchase in the Drop Shop



Note: lap times given are for the stated bike coupled with the Zipp 808 wheelset (level 10 unlock). The Zipp 808 was consistently the fastest wheelset in Zwift at the time of this post.

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