TFC Race Series – Primal Instinct

TFC Race Series – Primal Instinct

March 3rd’s TFC race was the first one sponsored by Primal, set over 4 laps of the hilly course. In the A race, Jernst Tempelaar (Race WBR) won a nail-bitting rush to the line. Brett Boniface (ODZ) came in 2nd, and Njal Eivind Kleiven (BRT) took 3rd.

Right from the gun, Boniface (ODZ) went up the hill faster than anyone else (1’33”), but was ultimately caught by a small group. At the bottom of the descent, the lead group of seven was: Boniface (ODZ), Ford aka “Le Monstre”, Kleiven (BRT), Tempelaar (RaceWBR), Lafaye (Vision), Timmis and Brenden. In a huge effort, Andy Webb came back but wasn’t able to hang on in the second climb. Per Brenden wasn’t able to keep up with the front group as well, letting it go in the hill.

Coming into the final esses, Brett Boniface (ODZ) was the one leading the group with Tempelaar (RaceWBR), Ford, Kleiven (BRT), Lafaye (Vision) and Timmis. The Canadian rider, despite his monstrous climbing efforts which awarded him the q/l Report-Combativity Award of the day, couldn’t break that group appart… or did he really want to ? “I have to work on my sprint these days,” says Boniface. “I need to get away from the FTP efforts a little bit, and focus on these short efforts, which require a lot of work.” In the final 2000 meters, Vision’s Frenchman tried his luck, but was ultimately caught in the final hundred meters. Jernst Tempelaar (RaceWBR) took the win over Brett Boniface (ODZ) and Njal Eivind Kleiven (BRT).

In the B category, Rick Barbera (KissRT) outsprinted Timothy Termont (BRT) and Mika Övermark (FK Team). For the Cs, Nick Dickinson (Team TFC) took the win over his teammates Andrew Block and David Winsper. Finally, in the D category, Dave Boudreau (Team TFC) came in 1st, with Andrew Robinson (Type 1) coming in 2nd and Mark Hadeler taking a 3rd.

Watch the race video/commentary from Nathan Guerra on ZCL’s YouTube channel

Full results on >>>

TFC Primal Race – March 3rd / Provisional Results :
A Category:
1- J.Tempelaar (NED-RaceWBR)
2- B.Boniface (CAN-Team ODZ)
3- N.Kleiven (NOR-BRT)
B Category:
1- R.Barbera (USA-KissRT)
2- T.Termont (BEL-BRT)
3- M.Övermark (FIN-FK Team)
C Category:
1- N.Dickinson (GBR-Team TFC)
2- A.Block (MAU-Team TFC)
3- D.Winsper (GBR-Team TFC)
D Category:
1- D.Boudreau (USA-Team TFC)
2- A.Robinson (GBR-Type 1)
3- M.Hadeler (USA-U/A)
q/l Report-Combativity Award: B.Boniface (CAN-Team ODZ)

-the q/l Report-

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As a cyclist for the past 11 years, Quentin has entered about 400 road races (won 2), rode the roads of France, Italy and Andorra and won the very first Tour de Zwift. Quentin is the Co-head of Zwift Vision Cyling Team, a road racer at VC Châteaulin (France) and a broadcaster over at DirectVelo. -I ride, therefore I am-

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