Team Type 1 launches to promote awareness on Zwift

Team Type 1 launches to promote awareness on Zwift


“Team Type 1” is a new Zwift team forming made up of Zwifters who either Type 1 Diabetes or have a family member with the condition.

Since November is National Diabetes Month, this is a fitting time to announce the new team. KISS Road Race Series organizers are running three races this Wednesday (see below) to promote awareness.

Team Roots

Team founders are Ed Angeli and Scott Fleming, who both have a child with Type 1 Diabetes. Ed follows the Novo Nordisk pro team and saw their ad about a diabetes event in November, which got him thinking about starting a Zwift team. Scott reached out and was on board and the rest is history! Here’s a bit more about each of these guys…

From Scott: My daughter was diagnosed 12 years ago and awareness/support is critical to finding a cure, which is realistic.  I am a pro 1/2 racer/rider in Colorado but will soon be 53.  Been racing bikes for 20 years like Ed.  4 time Ironman and nationally ranked cross country ski racer. None of that matters as finding a cure for T1D is everything.

From Ed: I’m 49 and a cat 2 road racer and have been New England Champ as well as State Champ in master’s devision. I have podiumed only once or twice in ZWIFT races, but have over 11,000 miles on ZWIFT and was a beta tester.

Join the Team!

According to Ed and Scott, the team currently has a good mix of members with Type 1 as well as folks that have family members with the condition. This is not exclusively a racing team–a regular one hour Saturday group ride is also in the works.

How to Join: visit the ZWIFT Team Type 1 FB group and click to join. It’s a closed group so requests to join will only be approved if you have Type 1 Diabetes or have a family member with the condition.

Upcoming KISS Races

The following KISS races are being run by KISS on Wednesday, November 23rd to show support for the T1D cause.

  • 9:00 EST
  • 15:00 EST
  • 19:45 EST




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