Zwift has just taken a real-time status monitor live at

The system, powered by, monitors several separate Zwift services and delivers the current status of each:

  • Login: logging into Zwift,, and Zwift Companion
  • Ride: free riding in Zwift’s virtual worlds
  • Events: in game signup, joining, and participation in events
  • Workouts: in game workout activities and plans
  • Partner Connections: uploading to third-party connections such as Strava, Garmin, Training Peaks, etc.

The new status page also displays a daily incident log (including one from yesterday where some users were having login issues and reported riding alone.)

The creation of this status page has been a topic of conversation for many months now, so we’re happy to see it up and live. Now when Zwifters encounter a connectivity issue they can check this page instead of posting a question in Zwift Riders. If the status page shows Zwift is having a problem, Zwifters know it’s a system wide issue and they can keep checking for continued updates.