In a big Zwift event, your starting position can mean the difference between leading the pack and chasing from behind. Riders line up based on when they get to the starting pen. Shane Miller has a tip for how to claim and save your spot – even after logging out!

First, join the event’s start pen as early as you can (once you’re signed up for an event, a “Join Event” button should appear in the bottom left corner of your Zwift screen about 30 minutes before the start time). You can stay in the pen to warm up if you want, but you don’t have to! You can quit the event and Zwift until you’re ready, or you can start another ride in any available world. Just click the “Join Event” button when you’re ready to come back to the pens.

Your virtual trainer will be there at the start, right where you left it! That’s where you can keep warming up until the countdown hits zero. Watch the video to see how it works:

Swift Zwift Tip: How to Start in the Front Group of Zwift Events!

We’d still suggest getting to the pens with plenty of time to spare, especially if it’s an important event. You don’t want to miss the start if something goes wrong! This is a good way to claim a spot up front, though, if you’d rather do something else for a while.

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