Early on, my Zwift addiction coupled with manly sweat glands created a stinky situation. My shoes weren’t drying completely, so stinky odor-causing bacteria threw a party with odoriferous results.

When riding outside, much of my foot sweat evaporates thanks to nicely-ventilated shoes and socks. But that doesn’t happen with Zwift, plus I find myself riding more than once a day on occasion.

Putting on sweaty shoes is unpleasant. And shoes that never dry get stinky. Quickly.

So here’s my redneck PEET Dryer. Just bend a clothes hanger so the ends hook onto your shoes and the hook grabs your fan. Done!

(Got an extra $40? The PEET is a brilliant solution as well.)

I leave the hanger there all the time, then after each ride, I hang my shoes and let the fan keep running for an hour or two. The shoes dry out quickly, and don’t get overly smelly.

Other Solutions

  • Stuff your shoes with material that soaks up moisture. Newspaper is commonly used. A sock full of cedar wood chips (the kind used pet cages) also works great and prevents bacterial growth.
  • Place them over another wind/heat source. On top of an AC great, in front of the AC inlet, or purchase something like a PEET dryer.
  • Two pairs of shoes. Swap ’em out!