Saris Rolls Out 3 New Indoor Products

Saris Rolls Out 3 New Indoor Products

Just days before Eurobike, Saris has announced three new products aimed squarely at the indoor cycling market. While it’s not quite a complete “indoor ecosystem” like Wahoo has developed, it’s pretty close–and includes a rocker plate, which Wahoo does not have. Here are more details…

MP1 Rocker Plate

Since I’m a big fan of rocker plates for indoor training, this is the most exciting part of Saris’ announcement for me. The MP1 (Movement Platform, 1st Generation) is the first full-length rocker plate released by a major cycling manufacturer, and while it’s not cheap by any stretch ($1,199 on, $1000 on Amazon), it looks to be well-made and highly functional.

(It’s worth mentioning, the first rocker plate available for sale was the CoPlate from the Netherlands, followed by the SBR ROCKR made in the US. Both solid units!)

According to Saris, their first movement platform prototype was built 9 years ago. So a lot of time and effort has gone into the MP1! Made to fit all trainers, this full-length rocker plate uses a large leaf spring for back and forth movement, but also allows some fore/aft movement as well, which makes it an upgrade on existing “side to side only” plates.

Saris is calling the movement capabilities of the MP1 “Nfinity Technology”–read more about it here.

Purchase on Amazon, releasing September 4 >

Learn more on >

H3 Smart Trainer

Saris recently acquired CycleOps, and the just-released new H3 is the next generation of CycleOps’ H2 smart trainer.

The first Hammer to include Saris branding, the H3 features several key improvements over the H2. Here are the most noticeable changes:

  • Very quiet (on par with Tacx Neo, Wahoo KICKR 18, and Elite Drivo)
  • Large flywheel (20lbs/9kgs) for realistic inertial road feel
  • Compatibility with more groupsets/hub types
  • $200 cheaper than previous generation ($999 USD retail), making it the cheapest of the high-end direct drive trainer crowd

Get it on Amazon, releasing September 4 >

Learn more on >

Here’s an unboxing and review video from Shane Miller:

TD1 Desk

Zwifters need a place to put their stuff, and if you want to move beyond that awkward music stand or stool setup, purpose-built desks are the way to go. Saris’ new TD1 desk matches nicely with the MP1’s birch, and includes a built-in power strip and full height adjustability.

Priced at $329 on Amazon, the TD1 is $70 more than Wahoo’s desk, and $190 more than the Conquer Desk which sits in my pain cave. As a solid, US-made unit with a real wood top, the TD1 is now positioned as the “premium” indoor cycling desk.

Get it on Amazon, releasing September 4 >

Learn more on >

Want to see these products in action? Check out GCN’s new video below.

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