Jonathan Sandoval, 24 year old cyclist from Zapotlanejo, Mexico has earned the prestigious white jersey, recognizing the best amateur rider in a race at the Redlands Bicycle Classic. Jonathan was discovered at last month’s CVR World Cup Kick-Off event in Las Vegas, where Michael Engleman, sports agent for Mission Sports Group was impressed by his performance and offered him a contract. The agent then negotiated him a guest position in a team competing in the Redlands Bicycle Classic.

“Today has been a great day for me,” Jonathan says, “Being able to stay in the select group on the final climb has earned me the White Jersey! A lot of work lies ahead but I am really happy and grateful to be where I am.”

Jonathan’s performance in the CVR World Cup Kick-Off event impressed both his competitors and those watching with his solid tempo, powerful tactics and ability to sustain 6 watts per kilogram several times throughout the race. Watch the full CVR World Cup race below:

The CVR World Cup, presented by Cycligent Esports, brings together cycling talent from around the globe to compete in high impact virtual racing events. Events are conducted in the Cycligent Esport Arena where bikes are set up on indoor smart trainers and get transformed into a virtual world.

Audiences attend the events which are streamed live in HD across the globe. CVR’s new approach to cycling and riders is already having an impact on the world of cycling. CVR’s founder, Frank Garcia, stated “This will not only continue but will accelerate in the future. We are bringing cycling to esports and that will change the landscape of cycling forever. It will be better for riders, better for spectators, and better for those who participate online in the virtual landscape.”

The Redlands Bicycle Classic continues over the next few days. Watch an post-race interview with Jonathan below: