After the launch of Zwift Run (you know, the one with the pink colour) you should probably know about some places where you can find descriptions, guides, and support.

Runner’s Guide from Zwift

There is a whole new section in the knowledge base on just for runners. It called (surprise!) Zwift Runner’s Guide.

The manual is small but more topics will surely be added in the coming months, since Zwift is focused on launching Zwift Run and has put a good effort into writing content for its user guides recently.

Tip: Click on the orange Follow button (you may have to log in to with your regular Zwift username and password). Then you will get an e-mail when new content is added to the Runner’s Guide.


The Facebook Zwift Runners group is the home for the runners community. It is a very helpful bunch and you can find a lot of interesting information by reading through older posts here.

Tip: Remember to read the pinned post in the group, which may answer many of your questions.

Anything else?

Do you have any other resources for Zwift Runners from around the ‘net? Share them in the comments and they could feature in a follow-up article.