Garmin recently updated the software for some of their newer watches, adding a new “Virtual Run” profile which allows the watches to connect directly with Zwift.

Supported Garmin Watches:

  • Garmin 245
  • Garmin 945
  • Coming soon: Fenix 6

While in theory you could use your watch’s accelerometer to detect running speed, this is not recommended as accuracy is poor. Rather, you should pair your footpod or treadmill to the watch, then pair your watch to Zwift.

This is especially useful if you have ANT+ only devices like older Garmin footpods or heart rate monitors. Garmin’s new Virtual Run Profile lets you connect these to your Garmin watch, which will then re-broadcast that data as Bluetooth signals. Handy if you’re using Zwift on a Bluetooth-only device like an iPhone or iPad!

Watch a full explanation from Stephen Cousins below:

And here’s a how-to video from Garmin: