adidas x Parley Run for the Oceans Announced

adidas x Parley Run for the Oceans Announced

Thankfully, the world is becoming increasingly environmentally conscious.  This can be seen with the investment in sustainable energy sources such as wind power and solar.  Recycling has become commonplace, and countries across the globe are attempting to reduce their carbon footprints.

Plastic is a major issue. It is not biodegradable and as a result, it is ever-present once created, and its impact on the ecosystem has proven to be extremely harmful.

Zwift, in partnership with adidas and the Parley Ocean School, is helping reduce the amount of plastic waste that makes it into one of these key ecosystems – the oceans.

From May 28 to June 8, for every km you run, jog, walk, or wheelchair, adidas and Parley’s “global cleanup network” will remove the equivalent weight of 10 plastic bottles (up to 500,000 pounds) from beaches, islands, and coastal communities.

How do I help?

It is simple: run. But before you start, you need to follow these steps below to ensure your Zwift run activities count towards the fight to end plastic waste: 

  1. Download the adidas Running app and create an account.
  2. Register for the RFTO mission in the adidas Running app
  3. Register for the RFTO mission in Zwift 
  4. Connect Zwift and adidas Running app in 3rd party connections.
  5. Run 15km between May 28 – June 8 to complete the mission.


Run 15km in 12 days to complete the mission and progressively earn the exclusive adidas Run for the Ocean kit. 

25% = 4 km // 2 miles unlocks the adidas socks
50% = 8 km // 5 miles unlocks the adidas Primeblue run cap 
75% = 11 km // 7 miles unlocks the adidas UB21 Primeblue shoes
100% = 15km  // 9 miles unlocks the entire adidas RFTO kit (shirt and shorts) 

About Parley Ocean School

 “Inspiring and empowering the next generation of Ocean Guardians” is the mission of the Parley Ocean School.  The Parley Ocean School “takes an immersive approach to environmental education with the goal of inspiring marine conservation and empowering its next generation of leaders: Ocean Guardians. Parley Ocean School youth programs simplify complex marine threats through engaging materials developed with a global network of educators.” 

The Parley Ocean School was piloted in the Maldives in 2015, and since has expanded around the globe. To find out more, visit their website.

About The Author

Tim Perkin

Tim is a six-year cancer survivor who has finally regained and surpassed pre-cancer fitness levels through the intense use of Zwift. For news about good events on Zwift follow him on Twitter @GoZwiftTim.

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