Remember this guy at the Red Hook crit? This is how I feel when my race drops on Zwift. Luckily my bike is strapped to a heavy trainer…

If your Zwifting is interrupted by a power outage, computer reboot/crash, Internet connection issues or other computer problems you may “lose” your current ride without being able to save it properly.

Sometimes, everything may seem to be working fine, but after your session the saved ride never shows up on Strava, and when you sign into your account at is shows your ride as a “partial ride.” This indicates Internet connection issues at some point in your ride which prevented your device from sending ride data up to Zwift’s servers.

Take heart–all is not lost! Lucky for us, Zwift saves your activities on your computer/device as well as sending the data to No matter what happens with that connection, you can always retrieve your local file and upload it to Strava or any other service.

Sadly, at this time you cannot upload the file from your computer to to get full “credit” for your ride–meaning the ride in question will probably show as a “partial” on forever.

Retrieve Your Ride on Zwift for PC/Mac

Each of your rides is saved at %USER%\Documents\Zwift\Activities\ as an industry-standard .fit file. Just find the ride in question and upload it to Strava or any other service.

Retrieve Your Ride on Zwift for iOS

List of .fit files on iPhone

This is a bit more involved since there is no built-in way to browse the files on your iDevice. Luckily, we can use a similar solution as we do when copying workouts to iOS to grab your ride files.

  1. Download the file explorer software. After a bit of research I chose to install iFunbox since it was free and well-reviewed. You can download it for Mac or Windows here >
  2. Connect your iDevice to your computer via USB and run iFunbox.
  3. In iFunbox click “Managing App Data” then click on the Zwift app under “iTunes File Sharing” and choose “Open Sandbox.”
  4. Double Click the “Zwift” folder to open, then double-click “Activities.”
  5. This folder contains .fit files for each ride you’ve done on Zwift for iOS. Just drag and drop them onto your computer (or even straight into Strava!) as desired.

Fix Uploading Errors

If you get an error when attempting to upload your .fit file to Strava or another service, it could be that the file was corrupted when Zwift suddenly closed (for a power outtage, etc). In that case, head over to and fix it using their tools (“Corrupt Time Fixer” is often the solution).


It can be a real bummer to finish a Zwift ride only to realize it didn’t save properly. Happily, following the simple steps above will let you post your ride to Strava or other services. As we know… if it isn’t on Strava, it didn’t happen!