Zwift Announces Planned Server Outage April 5

Zwift Announces Planned Server Outage April 5

Zwift has announced that a planned outage will take place on Monday, April 5th at 7pm Pacific Daylight Time (2am Tuesday April 6 UTC). Since there’s almost nothing worse than planning a Zwift session only to have the game unavailable, we thought we’d share the news here!

The outage is planned for 2 hours and will affect all key Zwift services:

  • Zwift game launcher
  • Zwift game app
  • Zwift Companion app
  • website and sub-pages including the forum and user dashboard

Status updates will be provided on Zwift’s Status Page (

ZHQ says the outage is necessary in order to allow them to “upgrade our system performance and stability, ensuring even greater service and reliability for you and the entire Zwift community.”

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Mick Such
Mick Such
16 days ago

Well hopefully this will stop all the folks on the Forum moaning about how crap zwift is as they can’t log on because of this and or that or the BT or Ant+ don’t work or my gosh, the light bulb in my garage has blown, how do I fix that.
Well done zwift – keep up the good work, some of us appreciate your hard effort and work. 😁

Ben Pitt
Ben Pitt (@benjamin_pitt)
15 days ago
Reply to  Mick Such

Wait until you get an issue mid race…

Mo Hussain
Mo Hussain
16 days ago

No High Availability?
Complete outage, in 2021? Think you would be able to plan this better.

Trusted Member
MKD (@ridefree_77)
16 days ago
Reply to  Mo Hussain

Completely standard procedure… Be glad it’s not weekly like most other online game servers.

John (@jlhughes128)
16 days ago

So 2003.

Temps 09
Temps 09 (@quatre24)
16 days ago

At least it is right before ZRLcombined with ToW Tuesday user number high.

16 days ago

I am actually surprised there isn’t any downtime with each update.

Colin Peerman
Colin Peerman
16 days ago
Reply to  JayDee

there is, it’s just at your end ! 😂

Michael Borneman
Michael Borneman
16 days ago

I have to ride outside? Oh no, I don’t like that one bit.

13 days ago

Could this possibly mean they are loading a new world?

Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith
12 days ago

First World problems people, First World problems… I want to be you if the worst thing in your life today is a 2-hour disruption in your video game.

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