The second stage of 2016 ODZ Omnium took place over 2 laps of the “London Loop.” GC leader Justin Purificati (Team ODZ) took the win in this individual time-trial, taking a huge step toward the final GC victory.

S.Lefebvre (Team ODZ) – B

On the first intermediate time check, which would be the first time every rider crossed the line, each category leader was already in first place. Purificati (Team ODZ) had a 21″ advantage over Becker (Team X), Lefebvre (Team ODZ) came across 10″ before Tex “Batman” Divine (Team ODZ), Huberdeau (Team WBR) had a 6″ lead over Dodd (Team ODZ) and Pacione was 1’27” up in front of Cheng.

T.Emrick – C

In their respective categories, Justin Purificati (Team ODZ), Stephane Lefebvre (Team ODZ), Leigh Huberdeau (Team WBR) and Art Pacione all went on to take the stage win. GC-wise, Purificati (Team ODZ) now has a 12-point advantage over Brett Boniface in the A category. In the B category, the fight gets real with Tex “Batman” Divine (Team ODZ) keeping a 6-point advantage over Stephane Lefebvre (Team ODZ) and Ron Sines (Team ODZ). For the Cs, Leigh Huberdeau (Team WBR) and Tim Dodd (Team ODZ) are tied at first place, with a 6-point margin over Skyler Street (KissRT).

Character maketh rider

J.Hubbard (Team ODZ)

Now, it’s hard to see a rider standing out from the others since it’s a TT, but today’s “q/l Report Combativity Award” goes to Jim Hubbard (Team ODZ). It takes a lot of character to do an all-out 45-minute individual time-trial, but it takes even more character to do a 65-minute one, and that’s why he’ll be wearing the Orange & Gray bib in the final stage. In tomorrow’s stage, which will be the final one, the racers’ character will be put to a huge test once again, as they’ll take on 3 laps of the “London 8” route.

Here is the race commentary from Jesper Anker.
Check it out on Nathan Guerra’s channel >

ODZ Omnium #2 / Provisional Results:
A Category:
1- J.Purificati (CAN-Team ODZ) 43’07”
2- H.Becker (GER-Team X) +0’44”
3- A.Koop (GER-U/A) +1’01”
GC: J.Purificati (CAN-Team ODZ)
B Category:
1- S.Lefebvre (CAN-Team ODZ) 47’25”
2- R.Sines (USA-Team ODZ) +0’24”
3- T.Divine (USA-Team ODZ) +0’54”
GC: T.Divine (USA-Team ODZ)
C Category:
1- L.Huberdeau (CAN-Team WBR) 55’02”
2- T.Dodd (USA-Team ODZ) +0’06”
3- J.Gagnon (CAN-Team ODZ) +0’42”
GC: L.Huberdeau (CAN-Team WBR)
D Category:
1- A.Pacione (USA-U/A) 1h00’47”
2- W.Cheng (HKG-U/A) +0’38”
q/l Combativity: J.Hubbard (USA-Team ODZ)

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