The First Rule of MyWhoosh Club (Nowhere Fast Episode 47)

The first rule of MyWhoosh Club is … don’t talk about MyWhoosh Club. The second rule of MyWhoosh Club is … well, you know the drill. 

MyWhoosh is a Zwift alternative that is quietly gaining attention thanks to its races with huge payouts. Next up is a seven-race series with a payout of $1 million dollars. But we don’t talk about that. 

This weekend also features the 2023 UCI Zwift e-racing World Championships for, like, a fake jersey and €8,000. Some podcasts have insights and analysis of who’s going to win the new three-race format, but you know that isn’t Nowhere Fast. We are probably funnier though. 

Finally, RGT has dipped its toe into the world of steering. Nowhere Fast Tech Correspondent Mike Swart gave it a try and reports back on how it compares to his trusty Sterzo. 

If you’re looking for a vintage Nowhere Fast that’s “funny,” “entertaining,” and “not very rigorous,” this is definitely one worth cranking during your next trainer ride. 

About the Podcast

Nowhere Fast is a member of the Wide Angle Podium network. To support this podcast and help cover the money we are not winning by racing on MyWhoosh, head to to become a member of the network and support what we do. 

Follow Mike on Twitter at @mikeswart and Zach at @TheShoeStar

Kevin Bouchard-Hall
Kevin Bouchard-Hall
Kevin is a physical therapist living in the Adirondacks with his two boys and wife. A Jarvis Island alumni, Zwift was a return to cycling after a long break from “professional” road racing where he raced for the US National team for several years in Europe. He now races MTB, Gravel, CX, and Road at an almost good level but never stops Zwift racing throughout the year with his Velocio Northeast’s Masters Gravel Fondo e-sports team.
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