Zwifters have been live streaming their indoor rides since Zwift was in beta, but even as an experienced Zwifter I still find it a hassle to track down a live stream when I’m looking to watch a fun race.

Because of that, we recently took a new Zwift Insider feature live which automatically displays a live streaming popup bar at the bottom of our page when certain Zwift live streams are active on (Props to Zwift Insider team member Alex VanLaningham for coding this solution!) Here’s what it looks like:

Popup bar at the bottom of the page includes the title of your Twitch live stream session.

I’m excited about featuring live streams in this fashion for a few reasons:

  1. It’s automatic… the Zwift Insider team doesn’t have to maintain a schedule of live streams.
  2. It’s simple: anyone can click and watch the stream. This should be especially helpful for new (or not yet!) Zwifters who don’t know how to track down live Zwift streams.
  3. It brings much-deserved exposure to Zwifters who have invested their time and money into creating quality live streaming content.

Currently we are only showing live streaming notifications for Zwift Community Live and TeamODZ, but we would like to add more quality live streams to the list.

Got a Live Stream?

Do you live stream Zwift on Twitch? If so, please email your Twitch channel link to [email protected] and I will check out your archived rides to confirm stream quality. If your live streams are consistently of good quality, we will add you to our list and feature your stream when you are live.