We’ve just released three new posters to help make your pain cave a brighter and more motivating space. We hope you like them!

SUFFER (18″x24″)

Add some much-needed color to your pain cave… and a clear reminder that even when it hurts, you’re doing it right.

Curious about the background colors? Those are the SMPTE colors used as a television screen test pattern. These bars are used for the Zwift World Championship racing kits, in a virtual nod to outdoor racing’s World Champion rainbow jersey.

“Take the risk or lose the chance” (24″x36″)

“Take the risk or lose the chance.” This was written on Romaine Bardet’s top tube during the 2017 Tour de France. It’s an important message for bike racing, and all of life.

The road pictured in this poster is from L’Alpe d’Huez, one of the Tour’s iconic climbs.

Ride On (18″x24″)

Sometimes when you’re really suffering, a little encouragement goes is just what you need to make that last extra push. Then there are those days when you just don’t want to get on the bike, but a small touch of inspiration will get you there. Zwift’s “Ride On” button lets us give this motivation to others, but here’s a poster version to hang in your pain cave to help yourself!

If you look closely, the entire poster is made up of thumbs up, arranged just so. Ride on!


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  • Outside the US and Canada: orders of $40 or more get free shipping, otherwise shipping is $15 per poster.

Need a frame? Amazon has good prices on simple, stylish frames. Here is the one we recommend for 24″x36″ posters, and here is the one we recommend for 18″x24″ posters.