Jonathon Levie, resident hacker over at Zwift Hype, has released images of new bikes released in Zwift’s latest updates but not yet available to Zwifters.

The When and How

Our guess is these new bikes come available when Zwift launches its “virtual store” feature which allows Zwifters to purchase new bikes, wheels, etc using “Dropz”, a virtual currency you will earn in-game. (And before anyone asks, Zwift has been very firm in saying they will not allow us to pay real money for Dropz. You’ve got to earn them!)

The virtual store has been in the works for over a year, but we think it will be launching within the next few weeks.

It is worth noting that there could (and probably will) be many more frames available when the virtual store launches. We know there are other frames which have been completed and even used at various times on Zwift, including the Specialized Venge ViAS and the new 2019 Specialized Shiv TT. But the frames listed below have been included in updates already released.

We’re looking forward to getting our virtual legs on these new bikes to test them out.

What about you? What bike(s) would you like to see available on Zwift? Comment below!