Many Zwifters are wanting to have a go at Mont Ventoux, the massive climb appearing in Zwift’s new France map which replicates the iconic IRL mountain. In fact, even though the France map is closed to free riding and no group rides have taken riders up the climb yet, 1471 Zwifters have summited Mont Ventoux since it was released 18 days ago!

Here’s the good news: getting onto the climb is now easy, thanks to regular events appearing on the calendar.

The bad news? While a handful of Zwifters have completed the massive climb in less than an hour, it will take even fairly fit riders 90+ minutes of hard work to complete! See the Strava segment >

How To Ride Mont Ventoux Today

Our favorite Aussie Lama Shane Miller has shared a trick to get onto Mont Ventoux. To summarize: join a Discovery ride (see list here), quit the event, then use the arrow keys to navigate to the climb (just turn right out of the start pens). Shane shows exactly how to do it here:

L’Etape this Weekend

Don’t forget, this weekend is the final stage of L’Etape du Tour, and we’re all racing the Ven-Top route to the top of Ventoux. This is our community’s first chance to get the Ven-Top route badge. It’s gonna hurt!

When Can We Free Ride It?

The France and Paris maps are currently event-only, meaning you can only access them by joining an event. But good news – word on the street is that France and Paris will be on the guest map schedule for August, probably starting around August 10th.

Group rides may be scheduled by the community before that, although that’s unclear at this point.

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