New Series: Live Coaching with Monilee Keller (No Breakaways)

New Series: Live Coaching with Monilee Keller (No Breakaways)

The main goal of No Breakaways is to provide Zwifters with tips and tricks on how to race, and what better way to do that than to let you see what the top Zwifters in the world would say to an amateur in real-time? 

Last Wednesday we launched a new series that will be running every Wednesday at 7:15 pm CST called Live Coaching with Monilee Keller. Monilee is currently ranked #2 in the world and has been tearing it up in the Premier League of the ZRL for the EVOQ team. Monilee is coaching Katie Enright in the Cycling Canada Wednesday Night Race Series. Here is what Monilee had to say about the chance to coach Katie:

“When you approached me about this opportunity I was so excited!  I am very keen to see more women in sport, and of course, cycling is my favorite! I am super excited to have the opportunity to help someone who is relatively new and I hope I turn her into an addict…My goals for Katie are first and foremost to have fun. To enjoy the process. to celebrate all victories, big and small. and to celebrate the failures too, cause we learn a lot from them. I also hope I can help her reach her goals, whatever they may be.”

Katie, who has run for most of her life but is just now getting into Zwift had this to say about her goals (which echo many of us):

“I would like to learn more about the hidden and not so hidden strategies to racing, how to race smarter, and I would like to gain some racing confidence through the experience.  When I first started on Zwift (not too long ago), I was getting very frustrated because I did not know how to draft in Zwift or that I had to go with the pack and “hang on” in order to get a “rest” later. I felt like I was missing some basic knowledge/skills for racing, and that’s why I reached out to No Breakaways.”

The first episode was on a tough course but there were a lot of good learnings on drafting, descending (watch Katie make up a 17-second gap down the Volcano with Monilee’s advice) and how to position yourself – check it out:

If you want to watch the show in real-time and ask Monilee questions tune in on No Breakaways at 7:15 CST on Wednesday! We would love to have more women join the race – there is a good chance you will get a shout out if you join!

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Rick Wenger

Rick runs the No Breakaways YouTube channel and is an avid proponent of sitting in the draft. IRL he lives with his wife and two kids in Northern Illinois. He promises that if he isn't doing a workout or race he will return your Ride On. Follow him on Strava or check him out on ZwiftPower.

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