KISS EU – The fires of Box Hell

KISS EU – The fires of Box Hell

Three laps of the London loop were on the menu of the KISS EU A race of Nov 17th. B, C and D category had, this time, two laps to do. Being the favorite around the starting line, Tim Cartwright (KissRT) won the A race with a fairly large advantage, but not without a good workout.


The 7 leaders up Box Hill.

As ever on the London loop, the infamous Box Hill gave hell to the riders every time they hit its never ending slopes. The first climb up “Box Hell” saw a group of 7 in the lead: Henry, Loeffler, Blue, Norton, Cartwright (KissRT), Rhyne and Chamberlin (TPH Racing). During the second lap, the group was cut down to five, as Chamberlin and Henry got dropped. In the second climb, Tim Cartwright made his move, and left behind his four chasers. Coming into the last climb of Box Hill for the As, Cartwright got caught by Blue, alone.


Cartwright putting the hammer down.

The Japanese rider gave hell to the Englishman in the climb, pushing him to the max, and making the gap grow with the next chasers. Holding on to his advantage, Blue crossed the line in first position. This said, until he gets that “ZADA Gold Star”, the win will stay with Tim Cartwright (KissRT), who came about 30 seconds behind him. Matthew Rhyne and Car Loeffler completed the official podium.

Final-4 finish for the Bs


Stromsholm in his final move.

In the B category, the last climb up Box Hill saw 4 riders opening the road: Marcelo Barbosa, Benjamin Angless, Erling Stromsholm (Vikings) and PK. The Viking rider tried to get away from fellow riders by attacking on the last slopes of Box Hill, but got caught in the subway. “I had a plan coming into the race,” explained Stromsholm. “I wanted to attack at the top of the big climb, and sprint up the escalators to finish solo. Sadly, it was not enough and they caught me. A podium place is still a good result for me, I really enjoyed tonight’s race.”


Marcelo Barbosa sprinting for the win.

The winning move of that race happened on the escalator. Marcelo Barbosa “Wingardium leviosa-ed” himself up the escalators to create a gap and ultimately get the win. A few minutes later, Tom Longland outsprinted Gary Smith to take the win in the C category and get his second straight win. Twenty seconds later, Gary McHale finished 3rd and completed the podium. In the D category, Dutch rider Serge Posthoorn ( took a solo victory over Brian Cooper and Roel Crollet.


Here is the race commentary from Nathan Guerra.
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KISS EU – Nov 17th / provisional results:
A Category:
1- T.Cartwright (GBR-KissRT)
2- M.Rhyne (USA-U/A)
3- C.Loeffler (USA-U/A)
B Category:
1- M.Barbosa (BRA-U/A)
2- B.Angless (GBR-U/A)
3- E.Stromsholm (NOR-Vikings)
C Category:
1- T.Longland (GBR-U/A)
2- G.Smith (GBR-U/A)
3- G.McHale (GBR-U/A)
D Category:
1- S.Posthoorn (
2- B.Cooper (GBR-U/A)
3- R.Crollet (BEL-U/A)

See full race results for As including rider power, times, and heartrate on >
See full race results for Bs, Cs and Ds including rider power, times, and heartrate on >

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