Interview with Jody Cundy OBE (part 2)

Interview with Jody Cundy OBE (part 2)

Part 2 of our Zwift Insider interview with Jody Cundy OBE about turbo training and using Zwift as a training tool (here is part 1). Here are the topics we hit on:

  • How to improve your performance and the benefits of Zwift, turbos and indoor training technology
  • How easy it was for a complete beginner (his girlfriend!) to pick Zwift up and use it to get ready for an event
  • How quantifying your data can really help you to see an improvement… and just how simple Zwift is to understand for beginners and seasoned pros
  • Jody’s lead up to the World Champs 2017 and how he has had to cram his training into 7 weeks. He talks about how Zwift has got him as much bang for his buck!
  • We also talk about Jody’s Zwift set up… and it sounds really nice!

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