UPDATE: this challenge is now completed. The winner of the bidon drawing is Vince Jewlal of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Technically called the “The Banner to Banner 1000′ Hill Rep Challenge”, this is a different sort of race/challenge for the month of January. Everyone who enters qualifies for a drawing to win a much coveted Zwift water bottle (kindly donated by Zwift).


  • The hill rep goes from start/finish banner to the KOM banner and back to the start/finish banner.
  • The banner line must be crossed at each end before initiating the turn around.
  • Snapshot a selfie passing 1000 feet (305m) along with a minimum mileage of 12.6 miles, and post in the Facebook thread.
  • Qualifying times are less than 1 hr for men and 1 hr 15mins for women.
  • Qualifying entries must be posted by 31st Jan.


  • The reason for going all the way back to the start/finish banner each time is that it gets you the chance of the XP bonus at both ends (points mean prizes!)
  • Remember to keep your eye on the Ocean route turn and select the “straight on” each time so you don’t veer off onto the flat route.
  • Use up the “power ups” as you get them then hit the turn around button as the “power up” cycles on crossing the Banner line.
  • 1000 feet will be attained during the 6th hill climb at around 12.6 miles, depending on how tight your turns are at each banner.
  • Anything under 45 minutes is deemed “Excellent”!
  • All trainer types welcome
  • The Strava segment “Banner to Banner Hill Rep” will show your best effort for each rep. 

See the thread on the Facebook Zwift Riders group >