Immunity, Recovery & Low Energy Availability (Performance Nutrition Podcast)

Immunity, Recovery & Low Energy Availability (Performance Nutrition Podcast)

With the COVID-19 pandemic impacting everyone, I thought Zwifters might find this particular Performance Nutrition Podcast episode quite useful. It deals with a topic many of us are especially concerned with right now: keeping our immune system strong while training, including science-backed strategies for optimal recovery and nutrition!

The episode includes interviews with five different experts:

  • Expert exercise immunologist Dr. David Pyne, PhD provides a brief overview of how the immune system works, how it’s impacted by exercise and what testing tells us about athletes.
  • Christy Aschwanden, author of Good To Go, talks about what big data can tell us about recovery and how to incorporate periodized recovery into your routine.
  • Sport dietician Jen Sygo, MSc shares the importance of adequate fueling for elite sport and the consequences of low energy availability (LEA) on health and performance.
  • Performance nutrition director at PN Brian St-Pierre talks about vitamin D and immunity.
  • Miguel Mateas, PhD(c) discusses stress, the gut-brain connection and how this can deeply impact your overall health.

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