Why and How to Hide Zwift Strava Segments

Tired of scrolling through lots of Strava segments to find the ones you care about? Or maybe you just think it’s silly to get 50+ “achievements” on an easy ride?

Here’s how to hide useless Strava segments so you never see them again!

Why Hide Strava Segments?

Keep it Clean

Hiding segments keeps your list neat and tidy, so you can view data on segments that make sense. I don’t care if I got a PR on a random .2 mile section of London titled “your mom smells like donuts”!

Show Real Achievments

Hiding segments reduces the number of achievements which show up for your ride, since achievements aren’t calculated for hidden segments. Make those cups mean something, people!

Do a Good Deed

Hiding a segment trains Strava to automatically hide that segment for others. Eventually, if enough people hide a segment, it will be automatically hidden for other users. Your segment hiding is a public service… nice work!

Simple Steps to Sequester Segments

  • Sign into strava.com on your computer (the Strava mobile app currently does not support hiding/unhiding segments)
  • Click on one of your rides to view segments
  • Mouse over the segment you want to hide, and “hide” will show up on the right. Click it–done!

Which Segments Should I Keep?

We may be a bit biased, but I recommend unhiding any segment labelled (Zwift Insider verified). These are logical segments based on precisely-measured Zwift routes, KOMs and sprints. If you “star” the segments in Strava this ensures they will remain on your list, and it also “trains” Strava to keep these segments visible for others.

See the full list of Zwift Insider verified segments here >

About The Author

Eric Schlange

Eric runs Zwift Insider in his spare time when he isn't on the bike or managing various business interests. He lives in Northern California with his beautiful wife, two kids and dog. Follow on Strava

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Jason Masterman
Jason Masterman (@masterman_driving)
1 year ago

Sounds like a plan. Seems quite labour intensive given some routes have 100s of segments. But I do agree that “the short bit before the uppy downy bit” is not a PR of significance.

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